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What we are?

The Melela Quarry is located in the territory of Melela Mlandizi, a small village about 30Km far from Morogoro town, on the asphalt highway Morogoro – Iringa.

The rough road is well maintained and, it is passable throughout the year, due to the fact that pedogenetic process originates sandy and gravelly soil from the outcropping parental rock. The site is on a hilly and rocky area, quite far from villages and far from other service/utilities lines (a 33KV line has been constructed by the company to connect the site with the Tanesco power), so that the production won’t represent a source of noise pollution for the population. The rock can be geologically classified as of metamorphic type. It is essentially a garnet migmatite probably derived from a huge regional metamorphism process, during the partial melting process of an existing rock, due to the heavy temperature and pressure conditions.  The rock presents the typical aspect of a migmatite, with different “layers” of light and dark colored minerals. Immersed in the holocrystalline mass (mainly quartz, K-feldspar, plagioclase composing the leucocratic part and biotite, ilmenite and probably Fe-minerals composing the melanocratic part), crystallizations of red garnet of different size caused red spots to appear on the rock’ surface.



Our Melela Mlandizi Quarry