Alfa Pro Life dispensary is a private entity with social and spiritual objectives, situated in Morogoro region-Tanzania. It is run by Alfagems Co.Ltd and Mr Vincenzo AchilleCiccarelli who is also a managing director of the company.

The dispensary was established in 2005 and has grown into a unique setup where the people are given the best medical treatment without discrimination. The dispensary has its effort towards being the preferred healthcare destination for patients seeking high quality medical treatments. We are very well equipped with modern equipments which allow us to pick the diseases with high level of accuracy. They give us confidence in managing our patients with clear evidence from investigations.


Dr.Regina Fredy Sanga,M.D.

Guitarist and Lead Vocalist

Loves long walks on the beach

Member since 1988

Msafiri Salehe( Head of clinical department)


Loves drummin'

Member since 1988

Jackline Lukindo,RN(Nurse Officer Incharge)

Bass player

Loves math

Member since 2005


Out-patient services

Currently in this department, the qualified doctors in meeting the demand for healthcare services for the community, the following services are provided.

ü  Observation; Taking vital sign is compulsory to all patients and these include: Blood pressure,Temperature,pulse rate, respiratory rate and weight registration

ü  Diagnosis, such as lab tests

ü  Minor surgeries

ü  Wellness and prevention, such as counseling, vaccination

ü  General observation/Examination: All patients are checked by clinicians

ü  24- hours emergency services



At Alfa Pro life dispensary, our teams of pharmaceutical technicians are committed to assist you with every prescription need. Our services include,

ü  A wide range of quality branded medicines

ü  24/7 dispensing of in house prescription

ü  Patient care and counseling


Alfa Pro Life dispensary has a well equipped laboratory with capacity to do different tests such as, Malaria Parasite, Blood Sugar, Urine analysis, Viral Hepatitis, , H.pylori, Widal test, Brucella tests, HIV test and other Analysis. The laboratory machines are operated by qualified and experienced laboratory technologists.

Reproductive and Child Health (RCH)

The RCH is known for delivering compassionate care in a clean and well staffed facility. ALFA dispensary is committed to helping reduce the country’s grim statistics on maternal and child mortality and morbidity per year. The RCH services includes,

ü  Postnatal and newborn evaluation and care

ü  Diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted diseases including mother to child transmission

ü  Family planning

ü  Immunization and well checks for children under age 5

ü  Management of childhood diseases

ü  Nutrition counseling both expectant mothers and children



Alfa Pro life is located in Tungi ward-Morogoro town along Morogoro- Dar-es-Salaam highway, commuter transport is available (Mjini-Tubuyu/Tungi/Mikese),the dispensary is nearby Alfagems Secondary school, for more information please contact,

1.     Alfa Pro Life dispensary

            P.O.BOX 6083


2.     Medical Director

Mob: +255784585111